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Think Of Us As Your Personal Writing Team. No Typing Necessary! 

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Book Composition

We get the book out of your head and onto the page. No typing required.

Publishing Existing

We take your manuscript and turn it into a finished book.

Personal Branding

We craft and establish your personal brand.

Why you need a book

Most people have a college degree, a LinkedIn, even a professional website. When everybody has just about anything, it’s hard to stand out. Everyone’s an expert, an entrepreneur, everything. But most people aren’t an author.

Why? Because writing a book is hard. It takes time, skill, and energy that most people just don’t have. It’s an objectively impressive achievement that puts those with their name on a front cover at the front of their field.

You’re an enterprising, ambitious person. You have experience and expertise worth sharing. You’re also way too busy to do this on your own. That’s where we come in.

At BrightRay Publishing, writing books is what we do. We have a proven process to pull that book out of your head and get it out into the world.

Establish Yourself As The Published Expert

You have a great book that you just can’t get done. We have a leading team of writers, editors, and other industry experts that will do it for you. BrightRay Publishing will write, edit, publish and distribute a book that puts your name and story out to as many people as possible.

- BrightRay Publishing Team -

Now Is The Time

There’s nothing like a book to earn credibility, promote yourself, and build your brand. Distinguish yourself as the authority in your field.

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