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Let's Get That Book Written And Published

You have a great book that you just can’t get done. We have a leading team of writers, editors, and other industry experts that will do it for you. BrightRay Publishing will write, edit, publish and distribute a book that puts your name and story out to as many people as possible.

How We Get Your Book Done

Phase 1

Our team speaks with you to gain an understanding of who you are, what your book is about and what you hope your book will accomplish. We then determine the central thesis of the book that incorporates your overall goals.

We then work with you to create an outline and theme for each chapter of the book. Our writers use this outline to create the content, changing it along the way based on your feedback, anecdotes, and style. Once you approve of a final manuscript, our editors and proofreaders will ensure that every aspect of the writing is to our top standards of quality. 

Phase 2

While we work with our designers to provide you with options to choose a cover that you’ll love, an interior text layout professional will make the inside of your book look just as pleasing.

While we finding a cover you love, our in-house interior text layout professional will make your book look just as good inside.

Phase 3

We publish your book and make it available in every possible format to reach as many readers as possible.

Our marketing team will develop the best strategy for your book to garner readers and reviews as well as gain rankings in its respective categories.

We also offer further branding services to establish your image as an author and help you accomplish the most you can with your book.

By working with our leading team of writers, editors, and other industry experts, we can develop your story into a book that puts you in front of a worldwide audience and the front of your field. With only a minimal investment of your time, we will write, edit, publish, and distribute your book. You have the story. We’ll take care of the rest.

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