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Choosing The Best Amazon Keywords for Books and KDP
Choosing The Best Amazon Keywords is a critical part of getting your book in front of potential readers. Keywords are the words and phrases that Amazon and other book distributors will let you set as part of your book’s product description. When people look for books and other items that match your keywords, your book […]
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How Long Does It Take to Write a Book
The Time Commitment Writing any book is a process that takes dedicated and sustained effort. That kind of commitment is where most people fail and why most people haven’t written a book. It’s one thing to want to, but it’s another to actually put in the energy and time to be able to do it. […]
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How To Get Book Reviews On Amazon If you’ve ever bought anything, then you already understand the importance of a customer review. Before making a purchase online, book or other, have you ever checked the reviews? You probably have. Was your buying decision influenced by those reviews? It probably was. And it should. Reviews are […]
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